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I’m less than 400 away from 1k followers, so I thought I should do a follow forever. I did not expect to have so many people following me. This blog was just meant to be a place to to keep track of httyd and now it’s so important to me. This is a thank you to everyone who has made and will continue to make my blog beautiful. You are all amazing and I am honored to be apart of this fandom.

a-f: adorkable-hiccupavannak, briannathestrangethebrookeofdragons, dragons-in-berk, dreamberks, frosty-viking

g-h: graphrofberk, haddockofberk, hiccstridhiccupsapprentice, howtotrainyourbabyboo, howtotrainyourhiccup, thehttydblog, thehttydfan

i-j: icelandiceel, inhonoredglory, itstimetodisappear, jackfrostbeliever, jackfrost-flakes

l-w: lampfury, lovessnotlout, shortylego, stratoc, welcometoberk

aww thank you sweetie!

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